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ABOUT GCWen Management


It all started for Gaspar and Wendy’s when he ate his first hamburger at the location on Fulton Street in downtown Brooklyn. As  a teenager working in a Department store,18 year old Gaspar and a friend would always go to Wendy’s for lunch. Back then they would each order a Triple Cheese and then for dessert, get a single cheese with the coupons they received. The burgers were always hot & juicy and so much better than the alternative.

Little did he know that ten years later he would find himself working as a Loan Analyst for Bank of Boston (BOB) in New York City. At the time BOB was amongst the largest lenders to QSR in the country. He soon began to research the industry started to meet with the various QSR franchises such as McDonald’s, Burger and Wendy’s. Wendy’s soon invited him to come to the Dublin office in late1989. He wasn’t sure what they saw in a young 28-year-old but soon after he was given the opportunity to look at sites for potential restaurants.


Gaspar’s father, an entrepreneur in his own right, extended him a loan which was used as equity to purchase a one-acre parcel of land in Wall NJ. After an almost 3-year journey from that first meeting in Dublin the doors of his first Wendy’s opened in October 1991. The restaurant was a CG building, the very first of its kind in New Jersey and one of the first in the NY DMA. The CG or the Center Grill was a bold new design for Wendy’s, capable of much higher throughput. It sure worked! In the first year it did over $1.5M in sales. In those days that was a great volume! Phase 2 certification was achieved within the first three years.


In 1995 Gaspar had an opportunity to purchase another acre of land in Brick Township,  7 miles away, in front of a newly established Walmart. The second location hit $1.9M it’s first year. He was off to a great start with two fantastic volume restaurants.


In 1992 Gaspar married his wife Christina and we moved from New York City to the Jersey Shore to be closer to the businesses. They began to expand in Monmouth and Ocean Counties in New Jersey. It was a huge culture shock for them both and they still vividly remember those nights when Gaspar would run the closing shift. Christina would come to visit for dinner, and they would sit in the dining room after the rush eating together every night. They loved the food. Their children shortly followed. In 1995 their first child was born, and they opened another restaurant. In 1998 they had twins and soon they had two more restaurants.


Gaspar has been involved with Wendy’s for over 30 years now. Along with Christina, his wife and business partner, they now own and operate 29 restaurants, with more on the way! Gaspar also serves on the Board of Directors of QSCC which has been both a great pleasure and honor.

Our Story


Grand Re-Opening of

Brick 2 location. 


Eatontown Opening Celebration













First Restaurant Opens

Brick 1 Location Opens

Brick 2 & Point Pleasant Locations Open

Whiting & Toms River Locations Open

Howell Location Opens

GCWen Acquires 16 Restaurants from Wendy's International in Pennsylvania 

Point Beach Location Opens

GC Wen Receives Diamond Award for Cause Marketing Program NY DMA

Collegeville, Royersford & Phoenixville Locations are Acquired 

GC Wen Receives Diamond Award for Best Marketing

Bristol, Hatfield & Montgomeryville 

Locations Open

GC Wen Receives  the Golden Shovel Award for Growth 

Quakertown NEW Location Opens

Eatontown Location Opens

Toms River & Whiting Locations are renovated

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