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NEW – GCWen Management Announcement! – JULY 3rd 2019


 I would like to announce a new Company Assistance Program:

 The Program is designed to give assistance to an employee in need. Each quarter for each district we will ask, DMs and their GMs to identify someone in their districts that may have some sort of need for assistance. Once the person has been identified we will send out a memo ( Susan will laminate a note for posting in the restaurants ) to everyone in the district and ask for contributions. GC Wen will then match or add additional funds to try and meet the goal that was set for the fund raise. The fund raising period can continue for 2 – 3 weeks or until contributors stop making donations if sooner.

 If you have any additional requirements please let me know. Otherwise I’d like to begin the process and have candidates identified by the end of the week for Q2 2019. The following week we can begin to raise the funds using Go Fund Me Accounts.

Thank you!

Gaspar Giordano


 HAPPY FOURTH TO EVERYONE! Take a moment to remember the achievement of those that formed our country.

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